When You Doo

When You Doo

Be courteous to the next person coming in behind you,

Use Floral Flushes!

Saved my Marriage, Floral Flushes helps me like my Wife a little more! Its a game changer!


By fart the best smelling bathroom deodorizer I've ever used!

Father In-Law, Farmville IA

Wow! I can't believe I'm typing this, but I LOVE Floral Flushes. Absolutely no residue of the dirty business that just went down in my bathroom. 

That Guy - Iowa City

Who ever heard of it! I don't have to smell sh-- again!

Mr. Brown, Altgeld Gardens

Floral Flushes Premium Use Before You Go Bathroom Spray

Our goal is to take away the embarrassment and phobia associated with having a number two session. Whether you are dropping a toilet bomb in public, visiting family and friends, or in your own home, Floral Flushes facilitates an amazing fragranced bathroom experience. With Floral Flushes in your toilet you can “Do the Doo” comfortably and afterwards provide a wonderful smelling courtesy to the next person proceeding you to the throne!

     Pure Essential Oils

     No Nasty Harsh Chemicals

     A must for Shared

     Designed for pooh odor,
but great at eliminating
cannabis, cigarette, farts, and pet
odors in home, office and car

Essential Oils have natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. When using public restrooms, first use Floral Flushes to disinfect toilet seat, then apply to surface of toilet water as directed.

     Made in Iowa City, Iowa


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