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Q) Where is Floral Flushes made?
A) Iowa City, Iowa – With a Lot of Love, Improving Relationships, and Saving Marriages

Q) What fragrances does Floral Flushes come in?
A) Coconut Orange, Lavender Peach, Cinnamon Apple, and Lemon Eucalyptus

Q) Is Floral Flushes tested on Animals?
A) No

Q) How long will a bottle last?
A) Depends on How often you “Do the Doo.”, What you had to eat that day, and How Stinky you are! But on an average 2oz bottle = 100 uses, 4oz bottle = 200 uses

Q) Is Floral Flushes safe for my septic system?
A) Yes, Floral Flushes is made of Essential oils and Natural Binders, Nothing that will harm your tank.

Q) Any other uses?


  1. Use Floral Flushes to disinfect public toilet. (Spray, and wipe well)
  2. Use, and spray just as you would any air freshener to keep other odors at bay in your home, car, or office

Q) Besides your website, where can I buy Floral Flushes?

In Iowa City
  • Hy-Vee on 1ST Ave
  • Hy-Vee North Dodge
  • Mercy Hospital
  • John’s Grocery
  • Big J’s Barber Shop
  • Bread Garden Downtown
  • New Pioneer Coop
  • OmGifts Downtown on Lynn Street

In Coralville
  • Hy- Vee Lantern Park Plaza
  • New Pioneer Coop
  • Betty’s Wig Boutique 1150 5th Street

In Cedar Rapids
  • New Pioneer Coop